About Us

Our Story

Mexican inspired flavors made from scratch at our location.

Icy Rush Co, is an artisan creamery that started catering in their ice cream truck for private events in Mexico.
Our motive was to bring a different kind of experience based on a vintage concept and simpler times when children would run out to the streets and chase the ice cream truck or a couple would share one sweet milkshake with two straws. This is the type of experience we want to give our patrons since we opened our first store in Los Angeles.
We promise to always find the finest ingredients to make the most delightful flavors and we are committed to assure our visitors with a new and memorable experience every time they join us for a sweet treat.


Laura F. P.

Ice Cream Author

Laura is a Mexico born ice cream lover who has spent years perfecting her recepies. Loving cooking herself and having the ambition to have her own business she combined both passions to make an ice cream boutique that reflects her personality and values.